ThreeOranges: Tastes Classical And Feels Trended (threeoranges) wrote in carol_goodman,
ThreeOranges: Tastes Classical And Feels Trended

Title of Goodman's next work: THE SONNET LOVER

Click here!

My first reaction was "Hmm. Not great, but not actively awful either." Still, Goodman does sometimes change her titles later on (SEDUCTION OF WATER was originally HOTEL EQUINOX, and THE GHOST ORCHID started life as BLACKWELL) so I suppose we'll have to wait and see. Happy holidays, everyone!

[ETA] P.S. D'oh! Just remembered, anomali posted earlier on this group about this novel's original title being VILLA OF THE MYSTERIES. I suppose that means THE SONNET LOVER is the confirmed title. (Really hope the heroine's name still isn't "Rose Blum"...)
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