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The Novels of Carol Goodman

The Novels of Carol Goodman: Cor Te Reducit
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Welcome to a community created to discuss the novels of Carol Goodman - THE LAKE OF DEAD LANGUAGES, THE SEDUCTION OF WATER, THE DROWNING TREE, THE GHOST ORCHID and THE SONNET LOVER. Here's Carol on her next work:

A novel called THE LITTLE MYSTERIES (at least that's its title now!). It's also set in Italy --- but this time in the south, around the Bay of Naples. A classics professor goes to Herculaneum to find a papyrus scroll that was buried in the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. The story involves a first-century female slave who sued to gain her freedom (based on the real case of Petronia Iusta), an ancient mystery rite, and a modern-day cult. (link)

So if you've read any or all of the above and you want to express an opinion (or suggest similar authors for future reading), come on in, the water's lovely...