ThreeOranges: Tastes Classical And Feels Trended (threeoranges) wrote in carol_goodman,
ThreeOranges: Tastes Classical And Feels Trended

Small question...

Why do you think Goodman's second book was called THE SEDUCTION OF WATER?

I ask, because it would appear from the preview in LAKE that the original title would have been HOTEL EQUINOX. Think it was her publisher putting pressure on her to use "water metaphors" in her titles? (For instance, Poppy Z. Brite wanted to call her second novel BIRDLAND, but her publishers wanted to keep the "vampire fan" audience garnered by LOST SOULS and demanded a more "horrific" title; thus BIRDLAND was changed to DRAWING BLOOD.)

Does THE SEDUCTION OF WATER suit the novel, do you think? I ask because I think THE SELKIE'S SONG would have been more suitable ;-)
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