ThreeOranges: Tastes Classical And Feels Trended (threeoranges) wrote in carol_goodman,
ThreeOranges: Tastes Classical And Feels Trended

Official Carol Goodman Website

Finally, someone's figured out that Goodman deserves her own website!

It's not as stuffed-to-bursting as we might wish, but it DOES have an interesting "Essays" section (under the "About the Author" section) which gives us information on the genesis of LAKE, SEDUCTION and the influence of the Classics on her Muse. I recommend it - check it out!

Also, though she was a poet for the first twenty-odd years of her writing career, she didn't start writing LAKE until she was thirty-five. I love late-in-life success stories; for some strange reason, they make me feel far better than all the wunderkind narratives in the world ;)
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