ThreeOranges: Tastes Classical And Feels Trended (threeoranges) wrote in carol_goodman,
ThreeOranges: Tastes Classical And Feels Trended

First brief response to THE SONNET LOVER

... WHAT?

I should LOVE this book. It presses so many of my buttons (Italy! Shakespeare! Harold Acton! Big Literary Mystery Unravelled Piece By Piece!) that my falling in love with it should really be inevitable.

But... NO. I can't accept the denouement. HELL NO. PEOPLE DON'T BEHAVE THAT WAY.

If anyone reading this has already read THE SONNET LOVER feels the same way, for the love of Heaven please reply below! I'm scanning through the reviews - they're mostly glowing - and wondering if these reviewers read the same book I did.

More detailed review to follow later...
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