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The next book and more

Here is what Carol has to say about what to expect from her in the near future and a little insight into one of her characters:

"I’m working on a novel called Villa of the Mysteries. It’s about a Renaissance Sonnet scholar, Rose Blum, who discovers a series of love sonnets by a Italian woman poet of the sixteenth century who may, or may not, have been writing her poems to William Shakespeare. It starts in Manhattan, at a fictitious college called Hudson College, and then moves to a villa outside of Florence, where ... [drum roll, please] the past threatens to impinge upon the present! The poems are all written by my favorite sonneteer, Zalman Bronsky, aka Lee Slonimsky."

I am currently finishing "The Ghost Orchid" and I wanted to ask if anyone of the rest of you see a similarity between the depiction of Bethesda and the author Donna Tartt? (If you haven't read her "Secret History", I cannot recommend it highly enough, particularly to those who enjoy Carol Goodman's books.)
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